Cultural Festival Animation Stations

I created interactive animation stations for museum visitors during the Asian American Cultural Festival at the Children’s Museum of the Arts, in January of 2014

The stations were inspired by artists from Japan.

Yayoi Kusama Station

This station was inspired by Kusama’s Obliteration Room. It included a 3D printed white room, to be covered in hole-punched paper polka-dots using multi-plane animation techniques.


Kanimara Akira Station

This station was inspired by Kanamaya Akira’s Painting with Automatic Toy Car (1957) created for the Gutai collective, which injected freedom and play into post-WWII Japan.

This station included a 3D printed van, designed to hold crayons in place of wheels.


Hokusai Crane station

This station is inspired Cranes on a Snowy Pine created in 1823 by master printmaker Katsushika Hokusai